Free + shipping CD or DVD offers seem to be all the rage these days.  And for good reason.  They’re a great way to get highly qualified prospects into your pipeline.

They’re the core component behind Russell Brunson’s Micro-continuity model and Ryan Deiss’ Membership sites model.  Bottom line – they work and they work very well.

So, a few weeks ago we did a little test.  We ordered the free + shipping disc offer from several Internet marketers.  We wanted to see, first hand, what their customers were receiving in the mail.  Here’s a few of the mailers we received.

Kinda tacky looking, wouldn’t you say?  (I really thought butt ugly but wasn’t sure if I should say that on this site).  Oops, I just did.

So, we put our heads together and thought…

“Surely we can come up with something that would better present people’s lead generation products to their customers then the plain Jane, plain ugly packages that we received.”

And, guess what…we did!

So, I ask you, which would you rather have representing you?

or SFS_DiscDelivered_Front
“Your custom disc mailer is perfect for the Free + Shipping CD Offers I use in my Micro-Continuity business model. What a great idea!”

Russell Brunson

Below is a quick and dirty shot of the self-mailer we developed for one of our own products – the mp3 version of my course “The 50 Biggest Mistakes I See Information Marketers Make”.  In the left photo you see the front cover of the mailer which would be customized for you.  The back of the mailer is blank and is where the 4” x 6” mailing label is applied.

On the right you see the inside of the mailer.  The entire left panel and the half page panel on the right are both available for your sales copy.  Your disc tucks into the right flap, the package is wafer sealed, a mailing label applied, and your mailer is shipped out via First Class Mail.

  • Your custom disc mailer is the perfect tool to help you cut through mail clutter.  It’s like a bulky postcard – it will be noticed in the mail – no Plain Jane mailer here!
  • An innovative marketing tool guaranteed to get you noticed.
  • The convenient all-inclusive pricing – $5.99 for mailing within the US and $6.99 for Canada. If you need shipping internationally please inquire.  You can also buy in bulk for your giveaways at events.
  • The price includes disc duplication, the custom mailer with your own artwork, fulfillment costs and mailing via first class postage.
  • Your sales message can be printed right inside the front panel of the mailer, so there’s no need for a separate letter to be printed and inserted.
  • Your print on demand CD or print on demand DVD disc is produced and ships within one business day of receipt of the order in our system. Orders into us by noon EST are actually made and shipped out the same business day!
  • You can actually talk to a real person here.  Our Client Care Team is available between 8 AM and 5 PM EST at 812-877-7100 ext. 88.
  • Or, if you’d prefer to sign up online, simply go to the Disc Delivered Signup Form and you can get things started within minutes.

So, whether you’re doing lead generation discs, selling software or ebooks, or doing a monthly continuity program this custom disc mailer is your perfect solution.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up by clicking here on Disc Delivered Signup Form
  2. An initial $50 deposit will hold your place in line.  We expect this program to be hot and can only accept a limited number of new clients at a time.  You will also receive 6 copies of your self-mailer with disc for enrolling with your deposit. (3 copies if you are doing a 2-disc set)
  3. You’ll receive our self-mailer template and disc label template.  Use these when designing your custom artwork for your self-mailer and disc label.
  4. Email us your mailer and disc label artwork, plus send us a physical copy of your actual disc (CD or DVD).
  5. Set up your shopping cart to feed orders automatically into our system as they come in.

It’s really that easy.

So what’s it gonna be –

 or SFS_DiscDelivered_Front