Looking for a Print-on-Demand Service for CDs or DVDs?

The demand for CDs and DVDs has diminished rapidly over the last few years. With the surge in streaming services and the elimination of a disc drive in most new computers, the previously popular disc simply isn’t the medium of choice for most consumers these days.

However, there are folks who still prefer the dependable disc and if you don’t offer your prospects that option then you’re probably losing out on some sales.

Some markets, such as the fitness market, prefer to pop a DVD into their player so they can work out in front of their big screen TV rather than a small computer screen. There are some months where we still ship thousands of DVDs for clients in that industry.

Yet, it is a conundrum. The idea of being able to offer discs to your prospects and customers might sound appealing, but you don’t want to tie up a bunch of money in inventory that only a limited few may want.

Well, problem solved! Disc Delivered is a print-on-demand service that integrates with most of the popular ecommerce platforms on the market today. You can offer both CDs and DVDs to your market and only have the product produced and shipped when you receive an order.

Multiple packaging options are available. You can utilize a beautiful custom self-mailer for your disc or traditional packaging such as jewel cases, DVD style Amaray cases or even a simple paper sleeve. Entirely your choice.

If you need discs in bulk we’ve got you covered on that front also. Whether it’s a few dozen or a few hundred Disc Delivered can duplicate your CD or DVD and package it however you prefer.

How much? Just give us a call at 812-877-7100 to discuss your specific needs. Pricing will depend upon number of discs in your product, packaging selection, quantity, etc.

On demand orders ship within 3 business days and bulk orders in only 5-7 days. Ready to get started? Give us a call at 812-877-7100 to set up your Disc Delivered account today.