Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get started?
Just click on the “Signup Today” button on this site and complete the simple online order form. An initial $50 enrollment fee guarantees your spot in the program. You’ll receive the first 6 copies of your single disc self-mailer and disc to use however you want. If you order a 2-disc mailer you’ll receive 3 copies of your self-mailer after you enroll.
How much does it cost?
Disc Delivered pricing is all-inclusive. Your price includes:

  • Duplication of your CD or DVD (Same price for either)
  • Printing and assembly of your customer self mailer
  • Fulfillment costs
  • First class U.S. postage

Price is just $5.99 for U.S. and $6.99 for Canadian shipments. If you require international shipping please inquire about pricing.

For the two disc version it’s just $7.49 for U.S. and $8.49 for Canadian shipments.

Bulk pricing is also available.  See the “Pricing” tab on this site for more information.

How do I get you my orders?
Disc Delivered integrates with a number of ecommerce systems. Red Oak Cart, 1 Shopping Cart, Infusionsoft, Premium Web Cart, Amazon, ClickBank and Instant Customer are the primary platforms with which we already have custom developed integrations. Your Client Care Representative will work with you to get any necessary integration in place so that we receive your new orders every day.Use a different ecommerce platform? No worries! We’ll take a look at your system and figure out the best solution for transferring order information to us. We have an XML API available if needed.  Contact us if you’re interested in this.You can even send us a spreadsheet (we’ll provide you with a spreadsheet template) and we can batch process your orders.
Do you have templates for my self-mailer and disc label?
Yes, after you signup for the Disc Delivered program you’ll immediately receive via email a link to a “templates” page that will show you the specific artwork dimensions for both your self-mailer and for your disc label.When you design your self-mailer artwork be sure to “flood” your background color across the entire back panel. Even though a mailing label will be placed over this panel (so don’t put any text on the back) your mailer will look much nicer if you carry your primary color throughout.IMPORTANT: Any artwork submitted must have a minimum resolution of 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch). You cannot grab an image of a website and use it in your graphics – it will not look good in print.
In what format should my artwork be sent?
Artwork for your self-mailer and disc label should be submitted in .jpg format at a minimum resolution of 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch). For a copy of your self-mailer and disc label templates go to
How quickly do my orders ship?
Orders that arrive into our system by noon Eastern Standard Time will be produced and mailed out the same business day. Orders received after noon may ship the same day, but will definitely ship no later than the next business day.
Who do I call for more information?
Contact our Client Care Team at 812-877-7100 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 EST Monday through Friday or email us at
How do I pay for any mailers you send for me?
When you signup for the Disc Delivered program you will put a credit card number on file. Every Wednesday your credit card will be charged for any orders mailed on your behalf for the previous week.
Can I order my Disc Delivered mailer in bulk?
Sure. If you’re using your Disc Delivered mailer for a giveaway at an event or as a component in a larger product you can order them in bulk. Pricing for bulk orders of Disc Delivered Mailers with CD or DVD starts at $3.50 each for 500 units and drops as low as just 74 cents each for 25,000 units.Also, if you’re NOT going to be mailing your Disc Delivered Mailer the entire back panel of the mailer is also available for artwork and text (since no mailing label will be applied that would cover things up).
How do I know if an order has shipped?
When you signup for the Disc Delivered program an account will automatically be set up for you in our backend system called Red Oak Cart. You’ll receive a username and password to log into this backend system where you can check to see if an order has shipped.Please note that if you send in your orders via spreadsheet these are batch processed and do not appear in the backend system. You will receive an email back from us after a spreadsheet has been processed that indicates the shipping date for each of the orders sent in via spreadsheet.
What if my customer doesn’t receive their mailer or it arrives damaged?
If your customer does not receive your mailer and Disc Delivered can show you it was produced and mailed it is your choice if you want another one sent. There is another $5.99 or $6.99 charge for a single-disc mailer or $7.49 or $8.49 charge for a two-disc mailer billed to you for the resend. We are not responsible if the postal service loses your mailer. If a self-mailer arrives damaged or without a disc we will cover resending your disc and mailer at our expense.
How do I get you my artwork and disc content?
Simply email your Client Care Representative your artwork files. Or, for larger files you can utilize a service such as the disc content we prefer to work from a known good master disc. So mail us an actual disc which we’ll duplicate from. Send your disc to:Disc Delivered
2001 N. Hunt Street
Terre Haute, IN 47805
Attn: Disc Delivered Master/Client Care
Can I put an insert into my self-mailer?
No, we do not allow any additional inserts in the mailer at this time since these are done as print on demand and the only way we can guarantee same day shipping of orders received by noon is to keep it as just the mailer and disc with no additional components.
Do You Keep a Stock of My Self-Mailer and Disc on Hand?
If you’re participating in our bulk purchase program then yes, we’ll maintain an inventory of your self mailer and discs on hand.  If you’re using the print-on-demand service then no inventory is maintained.
How Do My Customers Know Their Order Shipped?
When an order ships our backend system automatically generates an email to your end customer notifying that their shipment has been sent (assuming you provide their email address with their order information). You may customize this message however you want.If you send in orders via spreadsheet you will have to notify your customers yourself of their shipment once you’ve received shipment notice from us. These are NOT automatically done by our backend system.
Is Tracking Available on My Shipments?
Disc Delivered Mailers are sent via 1st Class U.S. Mail. A delivery confirmation number is available that will show if your mailer has or has not yet been delivered to your customer.
Do You Have an Affiliate Program?
Yes. Click here for details on our affiliate program and to sign up.  Contact to request more information about our affiliate program for Disc Delivered.
What is the Capacity of a CD or DVD?
CDs have a capacity of 700 megabytes. That means you can put 70 minutes of audio on a regular CD. If your disc is a data CD then total the size of all the individual files to make sure it doesn’t exceed the 700 megabyte limit.We recommend delivering audio content to your end audience in .wav format. While you can place more audio on a disc if it’s in .mp3 format, many players are still not .mp3 compatible and you’ll have increased customer service issues as a result.DVDs have a capacity of 4.7 gigabytes. Generally, you should limit video to no more than two hours of video on an individual disc.
What Other Services Do You Offer?
Disc Delivered is a service of Speaker Fulfillment Services (SFS).Speaker Fulfillment Servicesis a full-service fulfillment company that provides CD/DVD duplication, printing, warehousing and shipping services of information products, including books for authors, speakers and information marketers.Red Oak Cart, our backend system, is a robust shopping cart and email solution that you can use for processing orders and communicating with your clients.