Tier 1 vs. Tier 2 Accounts

Tier 1 – This is Disc Delivered’s basic level tier for inactive/low‐volume shippers. Your orders received by noon EST will ship out within 3 business days and your clients will receive a generic email notification from Disc Delivered notifying that their order has shipped.

Tier 1 clients do NOT have access to our backend system to check inventory levels or look up shipment details on an order.

At the Tier 1 level you may have one integration method with us. Additional integration methods are $9.97 per month. See the integrations tab on the home page for a list of currently available integration methods.

Tier 2 – This higher-level tier is for higher volume shippers who want 24/7 access to the Disc Delivered backend system and who may have multiple integration methods with our system. Up to 3 integration methods are included in the Tier 2 level. Additional integration methods are $9.97 per month.

At this higher tier you will also receive:

‐ Complete access to inventory and order details 24/7

‐ Automatic notification of low stock levels

‐ Automatic notification of product returns

‐ Customized shipping notification emails

‐ Customizable ship from addresses for all shipments

‐ Ability to self-generate multiple reports (inventory reports, sales reports)

‐ Ability to look up exact inventory levels of any specific product at any date in time

‐ Ability to notify us of incoming shipments of new inventory within the system

‐ Ability to manually enter, edit or cancel unshipped orders yourself to avoid manual entry surcharges

‐ Triple the amount of included storage space vs. Tier 1 clients

‐ Unlimited users on your account